How To Create Facebook Business Page

How To Create Facebook Business Page. Create a page for business or brand, and community or public figure. You’ll need to have a pretty good handle on the kind of business you’ll be launching to choose a category.

How to Create a Facebook Page for a Business 12 Steps
How to Create a Facebook Page for a Business 12 Steps from

You should see your page on the next screen. Change the visibility to page unpublished, and click save changes. Create a new business page.

Click On Settings In The Top Navigation Bar And Open The Page Visibility Row In General Settings.

Click more at the top of your page, then click about. Provide a name for your page. Gather your audiences, images and other items people in your business will use to build ads and page posts.

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You Should See Your Page On The Next Screen.

Choose from as many of these categories as you'd like, but keep in mind that only the first four options will appear outside of the more dropdown menu: If you're not familiar with these terms, your profile photo is the image that appears next to your business name on your page. Add a name and up to.

It’s Going To Be The “Face” Your Brand Shows To Every Facebook User.

Ad build your own brand and sell online with shopify. Enter the facebook page name or url. Sign up for an annual plan for 10% off.

Once You’ve Uploaded A Menu, You Can Add Pickup And Delivery.

Once your menu has finished uploading or you've added a link to your menu, click save. It should be 170 x 170 pixels. Click add in the dropdown menu.

For This Question, We Would Say There Are 3 Main Reasons.

Unpublish your facebook page while you work on. Fill out your basic business info. Choose which page is appropriate for your business.

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